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Jazz in the City Exhibit

June 13 - July 8

Exhibit Reception Saturday, June 17, 7-9pm

Join us as artists Kristine Keller and Robert Gilbert explore the music, life and architecture of the city.


Kristine “Kimikaa” Keller will explore how jazz and its musical giants are a way of life, while captivating the beauty of color and separation in its music through paint storms! She has a great interest in community and the colors they create. The fragmented moments they share. The emotions in between spaces, shattered and carried throughout our lives. To notice, to make an account, drives her. These paintings are about the pleasures of being aware of the world around her and telling these stories from many angles. Diving into these shapes and juxtaposition help me push between the paint, her subject and experience.

Kristine Keller is a proper painter, screenprinter, and teacher; born on the east coast and raised in Michigan. After studying at the University of Michigan with a focus in painting, Kimikaa moved west. From 2008 – 2012 she has worked with San Francisco Lines Ballet and dancers as well as creating murals with Precita Eyes Muralists. Recently returning to New York while splitting time in Chicago to start Tree House Studio Collective and collaborate with youth creating community and commercial murals. Her favorite subject is the human expression through movement, Kimikaa brings her love for her art to every project with paint storms.


Robert Gilbert will thrust you into Manhattan, New York City’s oldest and most densely populated borough. He has moved 32 times in his life and has lived and traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe and Asia.   As an architect he was emotionally moved when he saw cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Paris. Each metropolis has its signature, its heart and its unique combination of power, color, noise, confusion and architecture.   But for him, there is only one New York.  This city makes him proud to be an American. This is what drives him to paint Manhattan.

“As you view each painting, tumble into a frenetic night scene with throbbing subterranean trains, steam spurting from sidewalk vents, impatient taxis, muscle-bound skyscrapers and shrieking sirens.  Your initial focus will be at ground level as this is the way to absorb a one-of-a-kind urban beehive. At night, kaleidoscopic signs blind you with bold moving colors and shimmering patterns. People, taxis, limos, and delivery trucks scamper everywhere. As you walk, you’re jostled–excited and nervous all at the same time.  There may be a light rain, but rain doesn’t stop you. It only magnifies the colors and lights. Look closely and feel yourself sucked into the crowds, into the noise, into blurred, undefined movement. Now, notice the concrete canyons formed by human-built monuments of steel and stone as they lead you from the Hudson to the East River and back. The skyscrapers loom over you in contrast to the vibrancy at street level. I want you to become part of this vivid landscape by becoming a part of my painting. I want you to say “Yes, I’ve been there, and that’s exactly what it feels like”.”

"Star Fox" by Kristine Keller
"New York Without an Umbrella" by Robert Gilbert


June 13
July 8
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